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Culinary Alumni Chapter

Chef Kaslow Scholarship Fundraiser

The Nicholls Culinary Alumni chapter would like to raise $10,000 for an endowed scholarship in the name of former culinary instructor and professor Chef George Kaslow.

Longtime Chef John Folse Culinary Institute  professor, professional chef and television personality George Kaslow was known for his unique teaching methods and ability to connect with students.

Kaslow and his outgoing personality  was shown through his actions,  whether he was jumping onto classroom tables or dancing with performers during the Chef John Folse Culinary Institute’s annual fundraiser, Bite of the Arts. He would offen to get on all fours to show students the parts of a cow using his body as an example. He always was there to help out student in need. He left the culinary institute in 2014 with health problems. January 1 2015 he passed away from health issues.

This year we want to honor him by establishing an 10,000 endowed scholarship in his name by his birthday on August 27. 

If you would like to help us establish this endowed scholarship, you can donate, renew/join your Culinary Alumni Chapter membership, or purchase chapter shirts below.

Donate to the Chef Kaslow Scholarship Here:


Your connection to the Chef John Folse Culinary Institute doesn’t have to end after graduation. 

We want YOU to be a part of our NEW Culinary Alumni Chapter! Help us build a strong network of graduates that support Nicholls State University’s Chef John Folse Culinary Institute, their fellow alumni, and future graduates. Membership in our Culinary Alumni Chapter is a great way to build a connection with your college before and after graduation.

Our NEW Culinary Alumni Chapter will be housed under the Nicholls Alumni Federation. Your chapter membership will also cover the cost of your Nicholls Alumni Federation dues. You will now become a member of the Nicholls Alumni Federation and the Culinary Alumni Chapter and receive the benefits of both organizations.

To join, click the link below and choose one of the following options: Single Active + Culinary Alumni Chapter – $40.00 or Joint Active + Culinary Alumni Chapter – $65.00. If you are already a dues paying member of the Nicholls Alumni Federation and would like to join the Culinary Alumni Chapter, please contact Kirsten Angelette, Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement, at or (985) 448-4951.

Recent Nicholls Culinary graduate?! You receive a one year membership to our chapter for free! Stay tuned on social media and e-newsletters for events and more!


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Please share this information with friends and family who are also Chef John Folse Culinary Institute alumni in order to help us make this chapter a success!

Our Alumni:

The connections you make today, pave the way for your future and the future of YOUR Culinary department!

Alumni is defined as “a person who has attended or has graduated from a particular school, college, or  university; a person who is a former member, employee, or contributor.”


Some of the goals of the Culinary Alumni Chapter are:

Keep in touch with our alumni. We want to stay connected with alumni by tracking their professional and personal successes and keeping them informed about the accomplishments and endeavors of their degrees after graduation.

Help alumni stay in touch with each other and create networking opportunities. We are working to improve the Culinary Alumni Chapter’s web-presence. Making it is easier for our alumni to find out information about the College, upcoming events and presentations, and each other. Look for us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Help support and aide the Chef John Folse Culinary Institute. We are actively working to raise funds to help the Chef John Folse Culinary Institute reach its goals. One of our projects we are working on it to establish a scholarship benefiting culinary students.


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