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Phillip Butler (BS ‘85) and Elizabeth Butler (BS ‘84)

Our #ColonelCouple for today is Phillip (BS ‘85) and Elizabeth (BS ‘84) Butler.

Phillip and Beth met on “retreat”, or that’s what they told their two children, Jordan and Lauren, for years. Actually, they met at a local bar called “The Retreat ” on a crowded Wednesday night. After asking this handsome guy seated at the bar to hand her a beer several times, Phillip refused, saying, “Only if you dance with me first.” Beth did dance with Phillip and subsequently agreed to a double date to the Colonel’s football game the next Saturday.  Following that game, which the Colonels won, they were inseparable. After a year of dating, Phillip spontaneously proposed to Beth on the front steps of the Nicholls library. After a year-long engagement, they were married on August 6, 1983, at a wedding attended by lots of family and friends including Beth’s new sisters from Phi Mu.  After they both graduated with BS degrees in Computer Science, they move to Houston on Phillip’s birthday, July 11th; each securing a new job in their field at Texaco.

They are now retired after having held various computer science-related positions in the energy industry and enjoy lots of philanthropic work, travel and most especially, their three granddaughters. They reside in Sugar Land, Texas but spend a lot of time at their home in New Orleans.


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