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Sara C. Olivier, BGS ’00 & Breana Olivier Batton, AGS ’15, BIS ’19

Breana Olivier Batton co-founded a Non-Profit in Baton Rouge called Shift Support, and her sister, Sara Olivier, is an integral part of a mask production group out of Sara’s garage. 

Sara has organized her garage as a “hub” for people to drop off and pick up fabrics and items to sew the masks. Once the masks are completed, the masks are dropped back off at Sara’s garage where someone then brings the masks to hospitals, nursing homes, etc. 

Shift Support collects donations through Venmo and through fundraisers that are supporting local businesses. Breana and Sara purchase meals from local restaurants and then deliver those meals to frontline COVID-19 healthcare workers.

This article further explains the Mask Angel project:

These articles further explain Shift Support:

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