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Heather Benoit BS ‘11 & MEd ‘14

Heather explained that in trying times, people often turn to stress eating and other unhealthy related habits as a way of dealing with the negativity. As an initiative to keep in contact with her tribe of women who take her Dance2fit class weekly as well as reaching others in the community, she began doing free live workouts through her Dance2fit page in early March. She explained that living a healthy lifestyle is vital to our overall well-being; exercising helps release endorphins that keep us on a positive mindsight which is so important during this time of social distancing. Each week she looks forward to Thursdays to teach Dance2Fit and to be surrounded by other women who want to be healthy and happy. Being that we live in a technological world, she turned to social media to help continue her weekly tradition and to encourage others to stay active. She believes people may not be able to all be in the same room or on the dance floor at Last Call, but being able to workout Live and comment and interact with each other within the moment still feels like we are all sweating together. Dance2Fit is a cardio-based workout that implements high impact fitness moves to hip hop and modern radio hits. It is tons of fun and doesn’t feel like you are even working out. She explained that three years ago she became certified in Dance2Fit and it has been one of the most rewarding and life-changing experiences for her. Exercising has always been her outlet; it is what helps her clear her mind and makes her feel strong. Heather has always had a passion for teaching and when she was able to become certified in Dance2Fit, I jumped on the opportunity. Dance2fit allows her to have her passion for teaching as well as exercising. Doing a Facebook live each week not only helps continue her and her students’ routines, but it keeps everyone in the class motivated and sane during this hard time. She explained that it is so important to find ways to connect with others and continue smiling during rough patches in life. She expressed that we should all find our tribe and love them hard, and she is so thankful for her Dance2Fit tribe each and every day.

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