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David King (BA ’13) and Teresa Perry King (BA ’07)

Our #ColonelCouple for today is David (BA ’13) and Teresa (BA ’07) Perry King! David and Teresa both came to Thibodaux for college and never left the area. Although they were students at the same time, they actually met at Norm’s. Teresa loved singing Karaoke, and David loved playing video games at the bar. They connected on Facebook, and Teresa agreed to let him buy her a drink. David entered the corporate world and put his college education on hold. Teresa went off to law school and, eventually, they reconnected. He asked Teresa to go to the movies, and she happily obliged. They were married three years later on October 1, 2011. They welcomed their son on October 4, 2018. They are both working in Houma at the law firm, Teresa King, Esquire, LLC.

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