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Alex Barnes (AS ’09, BA ’09)

What did your time at  Nicholls State University mean to you?

My time at Nicholls was the best time of my life! I made friends that became family, and I still keep in touch with those people today. 

What is your favorite memory from Nicholls?

My favorite memory while at Nicholls was being selected as Student Government Association’s President and Mr. Nicholls in the same semester. It was an incredible experience being recognized by my peers for my hard work. 

What made you choose Nicholls?

I first heard of Thibodaux when I was 14 years-old while at summer camp. I became more familiar with Nicholls because of an advertisement they sent to me in the mail. When it came time to make a decision about where I wanted to attend college, Nicholls was the familiar name, and that is why I chose Nicholls. 

What do you do now and how did Nicholls help you?

I am the Chief of Police and Director of Parking Services at Nicholls State University. Nicholls allowed me to learn valuable skills from both the faculty and staff who took the time to engage with me and mentor me. I learned life skills, how to operate a budget, time management, multitasking skills, and many others from these mentors, and my time at Nicholls. Now, I am trying to give back what was given to me during my time at Nicholls. Many of the mentors I had are still my friends to this day. 

What would be your advice to current students of Nicholls? 

I would tell current students to use the resources around you on campus. Everyone, both faculty and staff, are here for your benefit; use them!

What does it mean to be the Chief of Police and Director of Parking Services at Nicholls State University? 

It is a huge achievement because it was a long time goal I set for myself as a student worker. I imagined myself coming back after a long career to come back home to Nicholls. I did not expect to reach this goal at such a young age. I have received an overwhelming amount of love and support from everyone and it surreal to experience this. It also motivates me to not let anyone down since so many people are rooting for me!

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