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Garett Charpentier (AGS ’12, BS ’18)

What did your time at Nicholls mean to you?

“My time at Nicholls gave me endless opportunities for success. I was able to give myself a higher education and invest in my future. If it weren’t for Nicholls I would not be where I am today. It helped to prepare me for my career in multiple ways.”   

What is your favorite memory from Nicholls?

“I enjoyed everything about my time at Nicholls; however, meeting my wife, Hillary, was definitely my favorite memory. Since we live close by to Nicholls, we are able to share our love of Nicholls with our son, Cash, and I can’t wait to make new favorite memories there with him.”  

What made you choose Nicholls?

“I chose Nicholls because of its location. Being able to stay close to my family and friends while getting both a college education and experience was something that was very important to me. However, once I attended Nicholls I realized how much more Nicholls was than just the local University. It really became my home away from home, and it gave me a more well-rounded full-college experience than I ever could have imagined.”

What do you do now and how did Nicholls help you?

“I am a Mortgage Loan Officer at American South Mortgage. I actually had the opportunity to get this job through the Nicholls Business internship program. If it wasn’t for my internship, I don’t think I would have ever found my true passion and lifelong career!”

What’d be your advice to current students of Nicholls?

“Be involved. Make connections. Build relationships. You never know how the relationships you make with fellow students and faculty and staff will help you professionally in the future.”     

What does it mean to be part of the Alumni Federation Board of Directors this year?

“Being a member of the Alumni Federation Board of Directors means a chance for me to give back to a University that I owe so much to; I can’t wait to help strengthen this organization and provide more opportunities for my fellow alumni to get more involved with our Alma Mater.”

 What are you looking forward to the most about being on the Board of Directors?

“The thing that I am looking forward to the most is building on our already strong alumni base and assisting with the continued growth of the Alumni Federation.”

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