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Mark Mula (BS ’89)

Mark Mula

What did your time at Nicholls State University mean to you?  

“All of my memories were at Nicholls! Every friend I keep in contact with, both personally and professionally, every memory, everything is because of Nicholls! So Nicholls means a great deal to me. I have graduated from 2 universities, but Nicholls will always be the only university I will claim as my alma mater.”

What is your favorite memory from Nicholls? 

“I have so many wonderful memories from Nicholls! I don’t have one particular memory, but a compilation of all memories from college that I hold as my favorite. It was the one time in my life where I was surrounded by friends with no parents around. What memories we made!”

What made you choose Nicholls?

“I went with my friend to register for her classes at Nicholls. While I was waiting, I picked up a “Fact Sheet” about Nicholls, and I told myself I would only stay one semester, and I ended up graduating from Nicholls and even lived in the Houma/Thibodaux area for a few years after graduation.”

What would be your advice to current students of Nicholls? 

“I would say to enjoy every moment while at Nicholls! You will meet so many friends, and you will keep in touch with many of those friends for the rest of your life, and the memories you make with the people surrounding you will last a lifetime!”

What do you do now and how did Nicholls help you? 

“After college, I worked for Allstate in the Claims division, then I decided to go to pharmacy school at ULM. After I graduated as a pharmacist, I worked in both retail and hospitals as a pharmacist. I opened a pharmacy 5 years ago in a small town with 7 other pharmacies. My business degree from Nicholls has helped me to grow my business and has been just as beneficial as my pharmacy degree has been. I believe that you are what you are because of experience, and my experiences at Nicholls taught me successful habits for a successful business and those lessons are what I use today to run my own pharmacy.” 

What does it mean to be expanding your business into other medications other than generic medicine?

“I am able to take care of patients by providing generic medication typically proscribed by family medicine doctors. This past year, we have worked to get two different accreditations that allow us to provide medicine for rare disease states such as sickle cell disease, bleeding disorders, severe liver disease, etc. Very few pharmacies are able to get this accreditation and are able to accommodate this, so I am excited to be able to do this for my patients who need this medication. When the company that made this expansion possible was looking for a partner, I was recommended to the company through a contact I made through Nicholls! I’m excited to see where this goes and to see what I can do for my patients!”

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