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Ritchie Dupre (BS ’05, EMBA ’14)

What did your time at  Nicholls State University mean to you?

“Nicholls played a role in preparing me for my current position. My current responsibilities include growth and strategy, leadership, and finance, all of which were included in the Nicholls EMBA program. The program deserves credit for the quality and passion of the professors who were enthusiastic and engaging.”

What if your favorite memory from Nicholls?

“During my EMBA program, there were only 15 people in my classes. We had such a remarkable group that learned from one another.  At the time, I was able to apply the information we learned to real-life professional situations, which aided in my growth and learning. Additionally, I was able to learn from other successful professionals within my classes, and I keep in touch with my classmates to this day.” 

What made you choose  Nicholls?

“I choose Nicholls for a few reasons. The EMBA program is an accredited program, and that was important to me. Additionally, it was close to home, which made it convenient. Lastly, the structure of the courses made it possible to obtain this degree. At the time, I entered the program, I was a hospital COO, and within 5 months, I was a hospital CEO. This program truly allowed me to advance my career without compromising my work and family balance.”

What do you do now and how did Nicholls help you?

“I am the CEO of Radiology Associates in Baton Rouge, LA. The EMBA program allowed for continual learning with the ability to earn more credentials and further my career. Radiology Associates went through an intense CEO selection process and I am fortunate to have been chosen.”

What would be your advice to current students of Nicholls? 

“If you have the opportunity to apply what is taught in class to a real-life situation, take advantage of that. Throughout your career, those moments when you were able to learn hands-on, will serve you well.  You will be able to retain the information better, and while you may not use that information for some time, it will be like riding a bike when the time does come around for you to use it again.

I also still have all my books from the EMBA program, and I often return to these books as a resource. Keep your books if you are able, as they may be something that will serve you well in the future.”

What does it mean to be the CEO of Radiology Associates? 

“Radiology Associates have been around for over 65 years and is a very progressive company. The culture of the company is a perfect fit for me, and it is a great feeling to get of bed every day with a sense of excitement knowing I am going to make a difference.  I am extremely honored to be able to lead a company with some of the brightest and most skilled physicians in the area, and it is a bonus that I get to have fun while I do my job!”

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