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Shane Kliebert BS ’06 & MEd ‘14

Shane expressed that this is the perfect opportunity to turn a negative situation into a positive situation. The positive situation is that everyone is home with their families and we can share things with our children from our childhood. Shane stated that he realizes that we live in such a fast paced world, and we often don’t admire the little things. He began posting different science facts on Facebook when he saw a Japanese plum blooming in his front yard. He posted a picture of the Japanese plum on Facebook and began researching different aspects about it; when does it bloom; is it native here; if not, where it is from; what terms do Cajuns use to describe it; etc. He began to use these lessons with his children in addition to the different science lessons they are learning in school. On Palm Sunday, he took his kids outside to build a Palmetto camp he used to build as a child, and he had a picnic with his family in the small camp they made. He said that after researching it, he learned that natives often used Palmetto leaves as the roofs of their houses. He has learned other interesting facts that he is able to relay to his kids in a way they can relate to; such as, Tiana’s dress in The Princess and the Frog is made from a Lotus flower. He finished with explaining that times have changed so much from when he was younger to now, and it’s good to be able to share this time with his family and show his children how he grew up.

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