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Rachel Whitefield (BS ’87)

What did your time at  Nicholls State University mean to you?

“My time at Nicholls was a period of transition to grow from a young adult to a person of independence, which was fulfilling. I felt that my experience on campus helped me become the independent, goal-oriented, woman I am today.”

What made you choose Nicholls?

“I liked the fact that Nicholls was close to my family, and while on campus my support system was still close. I also had a friend who attended Nicholls with me and helped me in choosing a major in Finance.”

What do you do now and how did Nicholls help you?

“My college years and finance degree prepared me for a future position in business services. The knowledge I learned in the classroom has given me the ability to meet the responsibilities of my current position to the fullest potential.”

What would be your advice to current students of Nicholls? 

“To students – this is a fleeting moment in your life, to take advantage of the resources available to you at Nicholls. Listen to professors, mentor those, or be mentored by others and enjoy this time before you are sent out into the world.”

What does it mean to be selected as the SoNStar Award Recipient?

“Being selected as the SoNStar Award Recipient makes me feel appreciated and that my work is noticed during a time that is uncertain to all. I am glad to have the knowledge and skillset to assist another department in grants, while they filled the vacant position.”

What is the SoNStar Award? 

“The School of Nursing values its employees. As a way of recognizing members of staff for their important contributions, we believe in rewarding staff employees who demonstrate a commitment to the goals and values of the University and the School.

SoNStar is awarded every four months (January 1st, May 1st, and September 1st) to any classified staff member, regardless of service length. From the list of nominees, the SoNStar Committee members will decide the winner. The winner will receive $750, a framed certificate, and a reserved parking spot for four months. 

Selection Criteria

  1. Significantly improves internal or external customer service or increases faculty/staff/student satisfaction.
  2. Significantly improves a work process or increases the efficiency of a procedure or is innovative in terms of solutions, planning, or organizational effort.
  3. Takes initiative to reduce organizational barriers through such activities as mentoring, voluntarily assisting coworkers, and participating in cross-functional teams.
  4. Works to foster collaboration, communication, and cooperation among colleagues and University and/or school constituents.
  5. Performs at a level above and beyond normal job requirements.”

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